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The Boat - TLC II

This fine vessel is a Woodvale pair ocean rowing boat.  At approximately 24ft long and weighing roughly 1 ton (without equipment) with a storage compartment at the bow and an accommodation compartment at the stern, this will be our home for approximately two months.


The boat has three solar panels on the stern compartment; these will be our only means of generating electricity while on the expedition. Inside the stern compartment are the batteries, AIS (automatic identification system) and VHF radio. This part of the boat is also where we will be navigating, cooking and sleeping, as well as hiding from bad weather.


To be able to take part in such an expedition the boat must be able to self right, i.e. if it is flipped upside down by a large wave, it must be able to turn back upright again.


'Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink'


Arguably the most important parts of equipment onboard an ocean rowing boat are the water makers. There is the main electronic water maker and a back up hand pump just in case. The pumps are required to supply us with 12 litres of fresh water a day.


The underside of the boat will collect sea life along the way and therefore slow our progess. This means that we will have to clamber over the side and scrub it off whilst attached to the boat, keeping half an eye out for any larger sea life that cross our path!



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